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I just moved again in the past year. Although, it’s a wonderful change, and I the house is perfect for myself and my fam, it’s intense and I’m trying to get my feet back on the ground!

I’m simply looking for balance…A balanced life. But really, what does that even mean? How can we be balanced in this crazy world that is moving at lightning speed. I try to live in the land of be as balanced as possible, and fully present in whatever I am doing right now. Balance is so relative. Some people need a lot of down time, where as some thrive on movement, and constantly taking on more. It simply depends on you.  

Instead of balance I’m going for a lifestyle upgrade. Here’s what I recommend to find the elusive balanced life:

– Strive for progress not perfection.

– Attempt to be present during every step of life (yes, it takes practice… hint… step away from screentime).

– Make time for things that are important to you everyday! -Most of the things you do should bring you joy!

– It’s ok to say no.

– It’s also ok to say YES!

– Invest in yourself.

– Understand that you are #1 without being selfish. Be perfectly imperfect in your quest for “balance”.

During all of this chaos and devastation going on in this country it is more important than ever to be present in your journey and live a life with intention and find your voice. Sometimes it means that you are working hard to find that voice and make your voice heard, and many things are put in the backburner. Sometimes it means that if you don’t decompress you may have a panic attack and responsibilities have to be put on the back burner. Simply find your own personal balance. Listen to your body, and be in tune with what you need and the voice you want to create in this world, and be true to yourself, take care of yourself, be there for your family, be a good person in this world, and you will find not only balance, but fulfillment in life.

My group online program will be all about coaching you in finding your healthy & happy place, along with creating a more fulfilled and balanced life. It’s a journey, and it’s more important than ever to be present in your journey!

It’s never too late to become the best version of yourself. My goal  is to always to give you little tidbits to help you shine as bright as possible so you sparkle!


Committed to Your Sparkle,