How TO Choose Happiness

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“Keep choosing happiness every day and happiness will
choose you back.” Fawn Weaver
Is it me or can adulting be hard at times? Especially when we
rech a certain age. I like to call it the 2nd half of life, and it can throw some of us for a loop. Things begin to change, sag, expand,
shrink, responsibilities are endless, and so much more. Wait, this email is not meant to be a downer, I promise! I’m just being real. I love the idea of shining bright, but life still happens around us,
and it takes work to live in a space of shining bright. Sometimes
our shine needs to go inward, so we can figure stuff out within.
Sometimes our shine just isn’t mean to be shared for a bit,
because like a battery we need to recharge. Honor that side of

What I really wanted to discuss today was happiness and the idea of “Choosing happiness”. I feel like people throw that out there
all of the time, including me, but when you are in a dark place theidea of choosing happiness can seem tough! So, I wanted to give
you one single task as a part of your happiness mission.

Happiness really is a choice, and it is an emotional muscle that
takes effort and constant nurturing. So let’s start with a simple
way to introduce it into your life daily. What are the most basic
things that bring you happiness? This is where the happiness list comes in. A list you will print out and put on your wall. These are things that are so simple, but you may not consider them when
you are in a funk. These are the simple things that can help you
get into that place where you begin to see the light again. So here is your assignment regardless of where you are at emotionally.
Create your happiness list, and do one thing off of that list every single day. Here’s the thing, when you are creating that intention
to do something that makes you happy every day then you are
telling your subconscious mind to look for things that make you
happy, so you are now choosing happiness. Yes, it takes practice
and discipline, but once you begin the practice it will be such a
wonderful activity in your life, and then you will begin checking off the list every day and doing these things without even
thinking about it and have it to fall back on when your feeling down. Some things you can add to your list are Watching the
Sunset, playing with your child(like me in this pic racing my son, I gave him a headstart, btw), Get outside, workout, create a gratitude list, put on earphones and dance your ass
off, plan an adventure, go to your favorite local spot, go to the
beach, take your dog for a walk, cook your favorite meal,
hang with a good friend, and so much more. What’s on your list?

I hope you find this helpful. If you need a reminder of ways to
bring happiness and joy into your life click here to download my
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simple things you can do to improve your life today! Also, if you
are feeling like you are disconnected with yourself, and need a
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remind you that this one amazing life is truly yours, and your
sparkle deserves to shine bright AF! 

With Love,