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It’s your time! You hear me?

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It’s your time! You hear me? It’s your time! In this crazy world we live in it is more important than ever to be the best version of yourself, so you can share your gifts and talents with those around you. We are all born with a gift. Do you know yours? Do you even focus on your strengths, or are you constantly focusing on what is wrong with you, and trying to fix it?

Well, I have some news for you… we all have imperfections, and focusing on our imperfections will only get you into a spiral of looking for what’s wrong with yourself, and get you into a obsessive mindset, and you will never be able to shine bright.

My goal for all of the amazing women around me is to create a foundation of great health, so you feel good, and then get your mind right so you can think straight, and begin feeding your soul, and live your truth. This might sound hokey, but how many people do you know who had a dream, and let it go because of excuses, or seduced into the materialistic vortex, and they are only a shell of themselves, because they put their dreams on the back burner, and end up living a life of mediocrity.

Ready to get a little uncomfortable?

Here’s a fun exercise that Barbara Sher from oprah.com recommends to help you find your strengths:

1. Ask your friend to name three of your strengths (The words in the image above may provide some inspiration.)

2. Tell your friend your top passion. Then have your friend tell an imaginary story of your life, based on this passion and your strengths. For instance, “You’re organized, creative, and friendly, and your passion is baking. So, you run a bakery where customers can buy cupcakes with little icing portraits of themselves.”

3. Take a minute to imagine this fantasy as your real life. Tell your friend what appeals to you (“Making cupcakes with artistic frosting would be awesome!”) and what makes you cringe (“I’d never start my own business—the thought of bookkeeping gives me hives”).

4. Now your friend revises the story based on your feedback. (“Okay, you organize monthly bake sales at the local Boys & Girls Club. Kids buy the cupcakes and paint their own portraits.”)

5. Keep going back and forth until the story feels right. This may take three or 13 rounds—there’s no need to rush. Your friend will likely suggest unexpected scenarios. Don’t let knee-jerk objections (“That would cost too much!” “When would I have time?”) shape your feedback. This is about crafting a scenario tailored to your strengths.

6. Stop when the story feels completely satisfying. You’ve just shaped your passion into a goal and defined what you do and don’t want from your calling.

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In the meantime, please feel free to reach out anytime. I am here for you! I want you to feel great and live the life you deserve. I am just an email away, and committed to helping you get your groove back so you Shine Bright!

This Week’s Quick Tip

TIP: Rediscover that thing that you love to do that brings joy to your life. We are way to busy in this life, and as adults we forget to make time for fun. Make that time. Block it off in your schedule like you would an important meeting. Go have some fun! It feeds your soul, and that is when the best growth happens.


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