Self Sabotage

raquelbv44 Happiness, Lifestyle

You are so excited for a fresh start in the New Year and ready to roll! You have resolutions that you are going to crush, and then a few weeks go by and then you slowly begin dropping off, and going back to your old ways… and then all of sudden what resolutions?  Does this sound anything like you? Well you have this in common with 92% of the population according to Why does this happen every year?

Our approach is all wrong. First and foremost, we live in an instant gratification society that wants everything now, and once you don’t see immediate results it is easy to give up. Some of us make too many goals that are unrealistic to fulfill in a short period of time, and then get overwhelmed and let them all go. There are also people who start with some amazing goals, and then they begin comparing themselves to others via social media, etc… and give up, because they are losing.Then there are those who make one mistake and beat themselves up and let it all go.

Stop the insanity! Life does not work that way, nor does fulfilling your goals. It is hard, uncomfortable, and can be messy at the beginning. Mistakes will be made, and you may even have setbacks, but even though you want to quit don’t do it! It’s so worth it once you trudge through the mud and get to the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been working on my online program for over 2 years! I am sooooo passionate about what I do, and know I have something to offer, and want to help change lives, but there have been so many times where I just wanted to move onto something else. I’ve spent endless amounts of money om coached. I’ve changed my brand twice without even making any money on this business, and have put myself out there in the most uncomfortable ways to fulfill my goals and dreams.  It has been as uncomfortable as it gets, I’ve cried, I’ve been filled with self-doubt at times, I’ve invested so much money I don’t have yet, but I’m still moving forward and now it’s actually happening! Its real, and I have some amazing clients that I get to serve and coach into their best selves.

My point isn’t to be braggy, but to tell you to hang in there! Get uncomfortable. Don’t compare yourself to others. Know there is no such thing as perfection. Simply keep moving forward and making positive changes in your life (no matter how small it always adds up). Keep growing into your best self, but know it’s not easy, but worth it. You will transform into an amazing human that is thriving, and we need more people in this world that are living their truth, shining bright and spreading that sparkle.

If you need any help bringing out your inner sparkle, and shining bright I’m here for you. I’ve done the work, I’m still doing the work, and am 100% committed to bringing out the best version of you!