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“Vulnerability is about having the courage to show up and be seen.” ~Brene Brown

It is my goal every single day to shine bright and spread that light. Some days I am brighter than others. It takes work. Even when we had to sell our house a few years ago because of life challenges, even when my son was in the hospital with a debilitating illness and it was touch and go, even when I was called stupid in school, even when I was criticized for not being good enough and told I could never make it, even when I was told I’m too loud and annoying. All through those times, I worked on letting my light shine bright. And you know what? I am kicking ass, I know my path, voice, and mission in this life. It doesn’t mean it is an easy road. Actually, it is really hard some days. But you know what? I still let my light shine bright. Some days are brighter than others, but I show up for myself every single day.

It is my mission to bring out your light so you show up unapologetically and you’re light is infectious. Don’t settle for anything less than excellent. It doesn’t mean you have to become CEO of a big company. It simply means you show up for yourself to the fullest every single day no matter how big or small your everyday tasks may be. I want you to know and embrace your strengths and share them with the world, and understand your voice in this world and let it be heard.

As women, we have a tendency to apologize for our strengths and keep our lights dimmed as to not make anyone feel uncomfortable around us. Why? Is that helping you out in anyway? Also, some people will try to dim your light, criticize you, and hold you back, because they have their own pains and are attempting to take you down with them. Those are people who are not in touch with their own personal bright light. See, it is threatening to some people when you are beautiful, powerful and comfortable in your skin. To most, however, it is inspiring and infectious and will lift people up.

Here are a few ways to let your light shine bright today:

– Focus on your strengths
-Embrace your flaws
– Talk to yourself like you would a good friend
– Enter the world with confidence because you are amazing!
– Find anything and everything to make you laugh and smile, and do it as much as possible.
– Don’t take yourself too seriously
– Respect Yourself
– Move your body, take a walk, watch a workout video (check out my workout videos on my Fit Happy Woman FB page)
– Eat wholesome, delicious and nutritious foods.
– Be kind.
– Be generous
– Give compliments often.
– Keep learning about yourself and the world around you.
– Learn and practice your passions.
– Have an attitude of gratitude.
– Find inspiration everyday.
– Go out of your way to feel beautiful and sexy. (hint: it comes from the inside.)
-Practice Writing in a journal.
– Make time for good friends and supportive family.
– Listen.
– Love unconditionally.
– Let go of the negativity in your life.

Those are just a few tips. In this world we live in it is more important than ever to let your light shine bright and live your life to the fullest. You have everything you need inside of you, and the light is simply waiting to Shine Bright!

You only live once and you deserve to thrive!

If you want help letting your light shine bright let’s chat. I’ve created an amazing program to bring out the best version of yourself called Reignite and Shine Bright! It’s a true game changer. You can reply to this email or make an appointment to chat by clicking here.

Committed to your Sparkle,

Your Shine Bright Coach